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Shot an old room with a new camera

Shot an old room with a new camera

6:39 am    
April 8 2014
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this could be the start

of something new

This is probably where my blog starts to exclusively contain dumb shit

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April 6 2014

I think my theme looks like it takes itself too seriously.

I woke at noon and thought that I needed to start a blog. I climbed out of the top bunk and flipped my computer open. Something about this had an urgency to it, like I had to do it now or do it never. I’m doing it now. As I type this I realize why it’d been so easy for me to mock most of the blogs I’d come by. I’m not any different.

Here follows my attempt to build something of a writing portfolio. Let’s see where this goes.

2:59 am
April 6 2014
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